Python Package Managers

This is the old way of doing things:

  • PIP is the python's package manager of choice.
  • Virtualenv allows creating isolated per-project environments
  • virtualenvwrapper adds a various command line extras to help manage virtualenv project workflows.

From 2014 with Python 3 things changed:

  • pyenv, lets you easily switch between multiple versions of python.
  • On top of this use pyenv-virtualenv which adds virtualenv like abilities and some of the project management features of virtualenvwrapper.

More of this:


workflow is similar to rvm,

pyenv install 3.4.2

pyenv global
pyenv versions

for switching global python environments:

pyenv global system or pyenv global 3.4.2

To setup virtual environment for python:

mkdir virtual_python_project

cd virtual_python_project
pyenv virtualenv 3.4.0 venv
pyenv versions
pyenv activate venv

which will display venv ~\some_folder_name$:

python -V

pip list

*To Deactivate *

pyenv deactivate